Discover drinking cup lid whole new way!

The Paper Lid Company

No more plastic waste! we have develope a 100% recyclable paperboard lid for use with takeaway cups.

The lid, which is made from fully recyclable dispersion barrier board, is suitable for use with both hot and cold beverages. It uses a novel technology developed by The Paper Lid Company that makes it possible to form the paperboard into the desired shape. The result is a one-piece lid that clicks firmly in place and offers performance that is comparable to that of a traditional plastic lid.

Lid in action

“Creating a 100% recyclable paperboard lid is something that we have been working on for many years, and now thanks to Metsä Board’s invaluable support we have been able to create a functional solution,” 

The carbon footprint of a paperboard lid is more than 50% lower than that of a plastic lid and it is fully recyclable.

Better eco-friendly drinking cup lid

We have been working with a 100% recyclable cardboard cover for years, and now together with Metsä Board we have been able to create a workable solution.

There are three different covers to choose from: 

  • Hot drinks
  • Cold drinks
  • Milkshakes